Resources for partnerships and networking Patient information resources

A set of resources has been developed to support library staff who would like to develop local partnerships, from making the initial connection to forming a multi-sector network of health information professionals

Library professional in front of bookshelves
Member of the library team ready to talk to a partner in a patient health information initiative

Getting started 

To begin your new partnership or network, we have collated some guidance on developing these relationships. You could use this example programme to support training or to raise awareness locally.

We have also created a draft memorandum of understanding for your new partnership along with a draft terms of reference for a new network and even a draft agenda for the first meeting. With these tools, you are well on your way to a dynamic network.

PowerPoint slide packs

Pack 1- Setting the scene. This pack sets the scene as to who we are as KLS, what Knowledge for Healthcare is, and information on the patient and public information workstream.

Pack 2- Getting started. This pack contains ideas, information, and reasons to get involved with patient and public information. 

Pack 3- Prioritisation exercise. This pact shows you how to perform a prioritisation matrix exercise to find efficient working sub-groups and to find the most important new ideas for your group. 

Train the trainer workshop

Workshop feedback: 2 attendees at the South West PPI Workshop (Jan 2017) wrote an article about the day


Contact [email protected] for any of the documents in an accessible format.

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021