Barriers and Drivers for NHS Libraries

How to adapt the forehead detective game (aka post-it game) to identify the barriers and drivers for NHS libraries

Aim: To work out the barriers and drivers for NHS Libraries and PPI

How to play:
There are many variants of this, but the principle remains the same.

  • A pile of upside-down post-it notes are put on every table or handed out before the activity begins.
  • One person takes a note from the bottom of the pile.
  • That person has either a barrier or driver stuck on to their forehead in a way that everyone can read the name except them.
  • By asking questions with yes/no answers, everyone has to work out what driver or barrier they are.
  • Once one person has guessed their post-it note the next workshop participant picks up a note and sticks it to their forehead and this happens until everyone has had a turn or the time for the activity has run out!


  • Security
  • Resources
  • Facilities
  • Funding
  • Time
  • Training


  • Improve patient care

  • Improve health literacy

  • Enable self-care