Patient information workshop pack three

Slides and script from the priorities exercise in the third workshop pack

Title: Activity. Text on page: Quote from participant at Taunton workshop -
Prioritising PPI ideas: step one

This activity can take approx. 45 minutes and if done in the morning, the results can be used later in the day to demonstrate what the audience have picked out as most useful/easiest to achieve ie: top-right quadrant are the quick wins for recommended actions to take away with them. Each table should have a sheet of flipchart paper, pen, post-it notes and the pre-printed stickers.

Text on page: As a group, place each of the stickers provided where you think they should go on the grid based on how easy you feel they would be to implement and how useful they would be to patients or the public in your organisation  Nominate someone in group to take notes on your discussions – make notes of potential barriers, good ideas or anyone who has already done it If you have time, add three more of your own ideas, perhaps an idea you already have, or something more specific that you think is achievable
Step two

See the Prioritisation matrix worksheet for the labels sheets or make your own with post-it notes or paper and blue-tack (easier to move).

text on page: We will write up results, making an order of priority from the top right corner being easiest to implement and with most impact on patients. This will be the order of priority for next steps! Over our break please look at this priority list and in: Column 1 add your initials to any that you already do Column 2 add your initials to any that you want to do
Step three

Presenter needs to write up a new flip chart sheet with the top 10 from the group work and ask participants to add their Trust initials. Presenters can then use these after the meeting to gather sub-groups to help each other work on an idea and then feed back at the next meeting.

Text on page: When you get back;   Look at those actions in the lower right hand quadrant useful for patients but harder to implement. Discuss what actions might move these up towards the ‘easier to implement’ half of the grid  Note any suggestions of who can help you make these actions easier to achieve Discuss actions to implement these locally  Use the Ideas Bank and Case studies in the Guidance
Step four

This slide can be used for a future session or as ideas for local teams to work on after the workshop - not necessarily to be covered at the same workshop.