Tools to help share knowledge in an organisation.

Two library professionals leading a meeting
Clinical librarians share the evidence on treating dementia with a multidisciplinary team

Activities, tools, and tips

Communities of practice - supporting networks and collaboration spaces

Peer assist - a structured facilitated meeting or workshop where people are invited from other business units to provide their experience, insights and knowledge 

Social networking tools - used well, social media can be part of collaborative working and co-production

Social network analysis - a tool which analyses how people work together to solve problems and come up with new ideas.

Knowledge exchange  - recover unique and valuable information from someone moving on from their current position

Rapid onboarding - methods to onboard new starters quickly and efficiently. 

Storytelling - using stories in organisations as a way of sharing knowledge and helping learning.

Lessons learned - how to the capture and share the learning from projects.

Before action reviews - a method of predicitng the challenges and risks to new projects by drawing on lessons from past projects.

After action reviews - a way of capturing the learning from a project

Retrospective - a facilitated meeting at the end of a project 

Case studies

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