This is an online tool to disseminate individualised research articles and resources to staff

Name: Ben Skinner

Your Service 

Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

Who asked

NHS staff and students from all professions and sectors across Brighton and Mid Sussex

What did they say? 

To receive regular, personalised updates about new high-level evidence and policy documents so as to remain informed about the latest developments in their field.

What did you do? 

We developed the KnowledgeShare system, which allows us to capture the professional interests of thousands of staff at a granular level. Relevant information resources are identified, summarised, categorised and added to KnowledgeShare so that they can be matched to staff according to their interests. The system is extremely scalable, allowing us to add additional organisations with minimal difficulty. It also allows NHS colleagues to connect with one another based on shared interests.

How did it help?

Updates provided through the system have informed service-wide decision making, patient education conferences, research bids and the development of national guidance (among other things). Feedback from staff, ranging from foundation doctors, to consultants, to nurse specialists and associate directors, indicates that KnowledgeShare provides resources that are very relevant to clinical practice and often finds articles that they were not aware of but had an interest in.

April 2016