Finding the right information Knowledge mobilisation toolkit

This section of the toolkit is about finding the most accurate and up-to-date information

Activities, tools and tips

Laying a foundation for a strategy for managing and sharing knowledge - Self-assessment using a river diagram to enable an organisation to identify its own strengths and weakness

Knowledge harvesting - packaging information on a specific role before a move or transfer 

Knowledge retention and transfer - to make sure knowledge is not lost when a staff member leaves or moves position

Knowledge assets those parts of an organization’s intangible assets that relate specifically to knowledge, such as know-how, best practice, intellectual property 

Elicitation interviews - 1:1 with line manager or other appropriate colleague on specific area of knowledge to draw out tacit knowledge (what’s in your head) 

Library professional doing research
Mobilising knowledge to help the NHS be more effective and efficient

Case studies

And here are some case studies about the creation of repositories, revalidation guides, and resources to help with finding the right information  

Smartphone apps and access to key clinical information (2017) - provided junior doctors with access to the latest key clinical information 

V-care online learning portal (2017)  - developed an online learning portal called V-Care to support the learning of busy nurses 

Nurse revalidation (2016)  - created a knowledge guide which provided resources linked to the nurse revalidation Intranet pages 

Armed Forces champions resource (2017)  - created a suite of resources that the North West Armed Forces Champions Network could download and use 

Dissertations into Practice (2016) - created a repository of dissertations as a resource 

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT) Evidence Hub – online portal (2016) - created an online portal, the ‘ELHT Evidence Hub’ with core resources for clinical specialties to give access to evidence-based information

Library book of revalidation (2016) - pulls together revalidation resources initially compiled for a popular display  

Knowledge harvest in practice (2019) - designed questions "to help an organisation understand and record the knowledge and experience of people” (KM Toolkit) 

Obstetrics & Gynaecology database (2016)  - set up an intranet site with all existing local guidelines and protocols. 

Emergency medicine handbook app (2016) - converted the Emergency Medicine Handbook into an app.

AMBER – The Ambulance Research Repository (2019) - details the creation of AMBER, the ambulance research repository 

Page last reviewed: 21 October 2021