Keep up-to-date with best practice Knowledge mobilisation toolkit

Some tools and tips to help everyone with best practice and keeping up to date

Activities, tools, and tips

Investigative searching - to search for and identify, based on specified criteria, records/data/documents, etc which have been stored on a database or on the Internet

Horizon scanning - this is a process to identify potential trends, opportunities, new technologies or threats that could impact on your area of interest 

Alerting services - keep up-to-date in your desired area of interest with an alert 

Policy briefings - brief concise summaries on a particular issue

Facilitating action learning sets - action learning sets are groups of people within the workplace that meet up with the purpose of solving workplace problems  

Library professional picks out books
Keeping up to date in my specialty

Case studies

Publications Database (2016) - set up a searchable bank of publications coming out of their trust  

Knowledge Capture Tools (2016) - created a template to capture PHE innovative practice at the February 2016 Effective Practice event  

Leavers toolkit (2016) – knowledge retention & transfer (2016) - The creation of the leavers toolkit 

Knowledge Legacy (2019) - The creation of an interactive session Valuing your Knowledge Legacy to consider knowledge retention after the member of staff has retired and different retirement age options 

Clinical guidelines (2016) - a database of clinical guidelines was created on the intranet that were both easy to access and adhered to governance requirements  

Document management solution (2016) - The creation of a Trust wide centralised document storage system  

Page last reviewed: 16 June 2021