Document Management Solution

The creation of a Trust wide centralised document storage system

Name: Emma Aldrich

Your Service

Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

Who asked?

The Head of Information Governance. Lack of centralised system was identified as an IG risk to the Trust. Head of LKS was approached.

What did they say? 

They asked for advice in creating a database for Trust-wide document storage, that would aid the organisation with management and compliance. They were particularly keen on how to name/ index documents consistently.

What did you do?

The project was taken to the Knowledge Management Network Group (Chaired by the CKO; Steering group included CKO, Head of LKS, Knowledge Manager (part of LKS team), Clinical Governance Leads). The group invited potential database providers to tender for business. The Head of LKS and Knowledge Manager worked alongside the Quality Manager at Kent Oncology Centre to review database in place there, which already met ISO standards. A small group led by the Knowledge Manager began creating a naming system for documents to ease filing and retrieval

How did it help? 

They were supported by the entire KM Network Group in selecting a database, strategies for populating it, naming documents. Database was purchased, full time quality manager employed to oversee structure and manage compliance issues.


April 2016