Leavers Toolkit

This documents the creation of the leavers toolkit

Name: Rachel Cooke

Your Service

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Who asked? 

The need for the toolkit was identified by the Head of Library Services & Knowledge Management, from her observation of current practices within the organisation. Like many organisations within the NHS and externally, when people left the organisation work priorities, contact information, understanding, context and documents relevant to the post went with them, which made it difficult for their successor to pick up their work in a timely manner

What did they say?

The Head of Library Services discussed her ideas and plans with HR, who agreed that there was a need.

What did you do?

The Head of Library Services created a toolkit bringing together a number of tools and techniques (some created locally and some from elsewhere), that leavers and their managers could use together, to ensure that the knowledge and understanding gained by the person leaving could be easily accessed by their successors. Enabling the successor to take on their new role successfully and with confidence, reducing the time and expense lost through lack of continuity

How did it help?

The toolkit has been used by a number of departments in the Trust with people leaving the organisation, and with people transferring to different posts within the organisation. When people transfer to a new post they often get drawn back to their role to clarify information.

HR has subsequently asked that the toolkit be integrated into the Trust’s Leaver’s Policy.

April 2016