Publications Database

Set up a searchable bank of publications coming out of their trust

Name: Nicholas Smith

Your Service

Worcestershire Health Libraries

Who asked? 

Communications department were interested in promoting the research that happens in our Trust but had no idea who is publishing what.

What did they say?

They wanted to know who has previously published articles while being part of Worcestershire Acute NHS Trust

What did you do?

We created a Publications Database that contains information on all the articles published where the author has an affiliation with Worcestershire NHS. We searched Pubmed for historic articles and set-up alerts to identify new articles. We also asked staff to send in their publication details. All the information was added to a database that sits on our website. It is fully searchable by author, keywords and subject. We also use recent publications to have an ‘Article of the month section. The database was copied from a similar database created for Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Partnership Trust with help from Karen Wight

How did it help?

It links people to people. Staff can see who has published articles on a certain topic and contact that member of staff if required. It also serves as a marketing tool to show the amount of research coming out of Worcester.

April 2016