The aim of this self assessment tool, the River Diagram, is to enable an organisation to identify its own strengths and weakness on aspect of their business or pan organisation function and to develop an integrated strategic approach to this area of business

It is a method of converting graphic information into an accessible diagram illustrating performance and benchmarking, the capability for learning, measuring performance levels, and laying the foundation for creating a strategy for managing and sharing knowledge within an organisation.

Chris Collison describes the thinking behind the River Diagram and how it can be useful in an organisation

Non-urgent advice: Information

The River Diagram can also be known as the River and Stairs diagram or maturity model.

Rachel Cooke, in consultation with others at the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, developed an NHS KM maturity model with more criteria than Chris Collison’s original 5 criteria tool:

This has further been developed into a digital Knowledge Mobilisation Self-Assessment Tool for health organisations to consider how they are using external evidence and organisational knowledge and identifying priorities t develop.

River Diagram template to enable you to create your own river and stairs diagram using KM criteria:

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