O&G Intranet Site

Ben Skinner from Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust

[email protected]

Who asked?

Doctors in our local Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department

What did they say?

To have a way of bringing together local guidelines with related national guidance, local audit work and research in order to have an overview of evidence in each area.

What did you do?

We set up an intranet site divided according to the major O&G areas (antenatal care, labour and birth, post-natal care, etc) and the minor areas (fetal concerns, induction of labour, surgical delivery, etc.) and populated this with all existing local guidelines and protocols. We then expanded each section to include links to the latest national guidance, as well as local audit and research activities on each topic.

How did it help?

Firstly, the site provides a clear overview of the areas in which the department already has up-to-date local protocols and the areas where such protocols need to be developed. In the absence of local guidance, the national guidance is immediately available. Similarly it is now possible to identify areas where audit and research work is strong and areas where it is lacking.

Staff wishing to expand their knowledge in particular areas can do so by selecting a topic and having easy access to all of the key sources of information, and we also include any evidence reviews that we have carried out locally to extend this further. Any search requests that arise from clinical governance meetings in the department are stored here for future reference.

April 2016