Nurse Revalidation Knowledge Guide

Created a knowledge guide which provided resources linked to the nurse revalidation Intranet pages so everything was in one place

[email protected] at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Who asked:

Practice Development Matron

What did they say?

Can you support us with nurse revalidation?

What did you do?

  • Created a “knowledge guide” on the Intranet 
  • Attended nurse revalidation sessions to find out a bit more
  • Agreed to help staff with any IT support and/or search skills training they needed
  • Created a leaflet for nurses revalidating and handed these out at meetings and made available in the libraries.
  • Create displays in the libraries

How did it help?

The knowledge guide provided resources which were linked to the nurse revalidation Intranet pages so everything was in one place.

Displays in the libraries promoted reflective practice books and put them in one place for nurses to see what was available.

We provided support to nurses with their portfolios although this proved to be easier than was first envisaged.

Having a point of contact where all nurses going through the process can go was important to the Practice Development Matron and we have provided that and are seen as an important part of the process:

Quote from Revalidation Steering Group (February 2015) – please can this go into the staff bulletin:
How the Library can help you with Revalidation?
The library has a dedicated revalidation webpage which can be found at The webpage is packed with useful information including online resources, journals, books, knowledge guides and information about reflection. Library staff can help you to find articles, guidelines or reviews from resources such as the NHS Healthcare Databases, Cochrane Library or NICE Evidence.

You can also request articles that aren’t available online.

We also have study space which you can use for reading and reflection, and PCs for e-learning.

April 2016