“Psychiatry Papers You May Have Missed” Bulletin

A bulletin of articles and papers recently read by consultants

Name:  Lucy Anderson

Your Service 

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

Who asked

Consultant Psychiatrists

What did they say? 

It would be good if consultants could highlight research papers they have been reading and provide a commentary on them. They wanted to highlight to colleagues good – or sometimes controversial – articles on psychiatry and related fields, to encourage them to read the articles and find out what their colleagues were reading and saying about new research in their field.

What did you do?

The Knowledge Service asks consultants to provide articles with a commentary to produce a monthly bulletin called ‘Psychiatry papers you may have missed’. It consists of the article details and abstract, link to the full text if available (or details of how to obtain), followed by a short paragraph beginning “Dr XXX says…” and giving their commentary. The bulletin is disseminated throughout the organisation via the intranet.

How did it help?

Staff are more aware of what research is seen as important by our consultants and anecdotal evidence suggests it is provoking discussion in the organisation about research evidence. Other consultant psychiatrists, beyond the initial group, have also begun to get involved and send in articles along with their commentary.

April 2016