How full text content links with Hub search results.

The NHS Knowledge and Library Hub comprises a number of different components.  This includes EBSCO's Full Text Finder and Discovery Service and also Third Iron's LibKey services.

EBSCO Holdings Management (HLM)

EBSCO's Holdings Management (link resolver) ensures that users have access to the content they are entitled to use.  You can find information about maintaining HLM on the Service Desk knowledgebase

If you need to contact someone for support with maintaining HLM, please log a call on the Hub Service Desk.

How many EDS sites should I manage? 

There are around 265 instances in the EBSCO set-up.

Instances are based on the NHS Open Athens structure with some pooling of NHS Open Athens organisations for users receiving only National Core Content. In principle: 

  • each library manages one instance for its own organisation

  • if you manage NHS Open Athens for another organisation, you will have another instance for that, enabling you to tailor the content and services you provide to the different organisations you serve

End-users who receive only National Core Content will be directed to one of these instances: 

  • National Discovery Service - core plus free to read content 

  • NHS Funded/commissioned courses in HE/FE institutions 

  • primary care in England 

Page last reviewed: 11 April 2022