This tool is designed to help you choose an approach to demonstrate the value or impact of your knowledge and library service.

Compiled by Professor Alison Brettle at the University of Salford.

It is based on a number of literature reviews and readings of key articles and complements the Making Alignment a Priority (MAP) Toolkit.  

Library professional in front of bookshelves
Library professional in front of bookshelves about to start measuring the impact of her service

What is value?

Value is defined as the importance that stakeholders attach to knowledge and library services. It relates to the perception of actual or potential benefit (BS ISO 16439:2014 – 3.75).  

What is impact?

Impact  is part of value. It is seen as the difference or change in an individual or group resulting from their contact with library services (BS ISO 16439:2014 – 3.25).   

How the toolkit was developed

A National Approach to Capturing the Value and Impact of Health Libraries (presented at EAHIL 2017) explains the development of the toolkit and highlights how some of the tools can be used. 

Contact the Knowledge for Healthcare team on [email protected] for the presentation in an accessible format.

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021