Resource discovery workstream

Our focus is to give NHS staff quick and easy access to relevant digital resources at the point of need, and minimise the time library staff spend managing resources and systems.

The workstream is led by Helen Bingham and Lucy Reid.

See the timeline of current resource discovery elements from September 2021 to August 2022.

Members of the team

Helen Bingham, Head of Knowledge and Library Services [Resource Discovery]

Lucy Reid, Deputy Head of Knowledge and Library Services [Resource Discovery]

Richard Bridgen, Knowledge and Library Services Development Manager [Resource Discovery], East of England and the Midlands

Hélène Gorring, Knowledge and Library Services Development Manager [Resource Discovery], London, Kent, Surrey & Sussex

Jenny Toller, Knowledge and Library Services Development Manager [Resource Discovery], South

Becky Williams, Knowledge and Library Services Development Manager [Resource Discovery], North

Franco Henwood, Project Manager [Resource Discovery]

Contact the team at [email protected]

Workstream elements

  1. Content procurement
  2. Expert searching
  3. Discovery and delivery infrastructure
  4. Essential Sites Update
  5. OpenAthens and the national link resolver and knowledge base
  6. Inter–lending and document supply (ILDS)
  7. Copyright
  8. Open access and repositories
  9. HLISD
  10. Emerging Technology


A video on the Knowledge for Healthcare Framework 2021-6 and the Resource Discovery workstream.  It is narrated by Helen Bingham and was recorded in May 2021.


Resource Discovery Reference Group

The HEE Resource Discovery Team take advice from a wider reference group, whose membership includes NHS librarians, an HEI librarian, and colleagues from NICE.


Ensures work stream planning and activity reflects :

  • the principles and values of Knowledge for Healthcare
  • existing and emerging end-user and library staff needs

Puts in place processes to effectively capture and understand end-user and library needs

Ensures resource discovery and delivery activity at regional and local levels aligns and integrates with national strategy

Identifies trends and developments

Identifies and manage barriers and risks

Ensures effective communication and engagement

Promotes resources, systems and work stream outputs

Identifies and exploits opportunities for partnership working

See the reference group’s terms of reference and minutes from previous meeting.

Contact [email protected] for any of the group's documents in an accessible format.


Helen Bingham [HEE] - Chair

Lucy Reid, Hélène Gorring, Richard Bridgen, Franco Henwood, Jenny Toller and Becky Williams [HEE]

Celestine Johnson and Mark Salmon [NICE]

Nicola Ager, Stephen Ayre and Gary Meades [KLS Managers] - East of England and the Midlands

Afara Al-Shamsi, Kay Bagshaw [KLS Managers] - London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex

Vicky Bramwell and Steve Glover [KLS Managers] - North

Catherine Micklethwaite [KLS Manager] - South

Alan Fricker [Higher Education Institutions]


Both of these groups report into the Resource Discovery Reference Group.

NALROM manages the authentication and the National Lnk Resolver.

SINC manages the reciprocal inter-library loan and document supply scheme (INC) for NHS libraries in England.


NICE/HEE MoU Monitoring Meetings

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) describes the respective responsibilities of the two organisations.  It includes Key Performance Indicators.  MoU monitoring meetings are held every quarter.

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