Regional library management systems

HEE's plans for consolidating to a smaller number of regional library management systems

Current landscape

There are 93 library management systems (LMSs) in use by NHS knowledge and library services in England.  Some of these are regional or consortial, but the vast majority are for individual services.

HEE full funds the regional LMSs in the East of England, Kent, Surrey and Sussex, and the South West, Thames Valley and Wessex.  There are also sub-regional shared LMSs in the North East, London and the West Midlands.

What do we want to achieve?

HEE is committed ‘to providing NHS staff with a single, coherent national gateway to their trusted library and knowledge service, connecting them seamlessly to quality resources, services and support tailored to their needs’.

To deliver this vision, our aim is to integrate the national discovery service with regional library management systems.   We envisage 7-10 regional systems across England.



What's happening now?

South West, Thames Valley and Wessex

A new LMS has recently been implemented in the South West, Thames Valley and Wessex, and work is underway to integrate this with the national discovery service, using OpenAthens

East of England and Kent, Surrey and Sussex

We have commenced procurement of replacement regional systems.


We are working with library services in the Midlands which use the same LMS to create a single, shared system, and talking to other services which don't.

London and the North

Senior Leadership Programme project groups have talked to staff in London and the North about how regional LMS might work in their regions.

For further information, contact your regional resource discovery lead.

Page last reviewed: 16 June 2021