The Strategic Inter-Network Collaboration Group (SINC) manages the reciprocal inter-library loan and document supply scheme (INC) for NHS libraries in England.

Its purpose is to:

  • Ensure NHS funded content is readily discoverable by NHS libraries to enable them to fulfil document supply across the NHS in England, efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Ensure NHS library document supply is of a consistently high quality and meets/exceeds expectations of customers
  • Ensure document supply considerations are included in HEE’s Knowledge for Healthcare Resource Discovery work.

See SINC’s terms of reference and minutes from previous meetings.

Contact [email protected] for any of the group's documents in an accessible format.

See Inter-lending and Document Supply (ILDS) for more information.

Membership of the group

  • Jenny Toller (Chair)
  • Beverley Walsh (EDEN)
  • Helene Gorring (LENDS)
  • Tricia Rey, Julie Stoppani and Sharon Springham (KSS)
  • Richard Bridgen (MIDS)
  • Laura Russell (PANDDA)
  • Claire O'Connor (SWIMS)


Page last reviewed: 30 March 2022