ILDS summary and training aid

Here is a quick checklist to help with processing inter-library loan and document supply (ILDS) requests.

Step 1 - check the reference is complete​

You may find some requests take the form of a link to the online version of the journal, for example Click on the link to find the details. If link isn’t working, ask for a  complete reference.​

Other requests may be submitted verbally, hand written or by email. In these cases it can be prudent to check the reference using a tool such as PubMed Single Citation Matcher or Google Scholar.​

Step 2 - find the full text of the article ​

Deciding where to look for full text can be quite daunting, so stick to a standard sequence of locations.  Check your local practice for this.  The following is a logical sequence:​

  1. Your library holdings, NHS Core Content, ​locally / regionally purchased online subscriptions.​

  2. Your regional ILDS network​

  3. NULJ or PLCS (if your library is a member)​

  4. Other regional ILDS networks following the INC scheme rota​

  5. Failing the above you can send your request to ​[email protected] (you need to join this mailing list before you can send to it)

  6. The British Library, and for Copyright Fee Paid articles use a BL CFP account or Reprints Desk

Step 3 - send your request to another location ​

Make sure you request includes the following details:​

  • Full reference details:​
    • Journal title, year, volume, (part), page number​
    • Article title and author​
  • Your postal address, phone number, and email address​
  • The name of your regional ILDS scheme and your library code, for example EDEN WSH​

​Abide by ILL etiquette/ guidelines​

  • Send no more than 3 requests to one location per day ​
  • Telephone in advance for exceptionally long articles.  You can find library contact details on HLISD ​
  • Always acknowledge receipt of an article once you have checked it​
  • Read the ILDS good practice guidelines

Page last reviewed: 3 May 2022