Copyright Fee Paid (CFP) articles

for the NHS in England: what, when and how.

What are they?​

​Articles for which a copyright fee has been paid to the publisher. Once obtained,  they may be treated as if owned by the NHS, and shared and stored under the terms of the CLA Licence for the NHS in England.​

They typically cost £30-£40 each. However,  an annual allocation of 9000 is included in the cost of the CLA Licence so we can make them available FREE to NHS library services.

When do we use them?​

​When an article is likely to need to be read by more than one person and you can’t source it from within the NHS (or when an article is required for individual use and you can’t source a Library Privilege copy even from BL.

How do we get them?

​Request CLA Licence CFP articles via


Step 1

Is the copy for someone  AND from something covered by the NHS  in England CLA Licence?​


Make or obtain a copy under the Licence.  No declaration needed​. Sharing allowed.


Go to step 2.

Step 2

Does the person it is for need to make further copies/share it electronically with others?


Obtain a CFP copy. No declaration needed​. Sharing allowed.


Go to Step 3.

Step 3

Is a Library Privilege copy available?


Make or obtain a Library Privilege copy. Declaration needed​. No sharing.


Obtain a CFP copy. No declaration needed​. Sharing allowed.


Prepared by the NHS Copyright First Responders, updated July 2022.

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Page last reviewed: 24 August 2022