Use these guidelines conjunction with any regional/local guidelines.

7. Responsibilities to customers 

Ensure your customers understand the proposed timescales involved and are kept informed about the status of their requests. 

Ensure your customers know whether/how they may share/store the copies that you supply by ensuring the correct copyright statement is attached.  

8.  Book renewals 

Book renewals are at the discretion of the supplying library, or in accordance with regional/local inter-lending arrangements if specified in the regional/local guidelines. 

9.  Lost or damaged items 

Responsibility for items

When in transit from supplying library to requesting library, supplying library assumes responsibility. When in transit from requesting library to supplying library, requesting library assumes responsibility.

When a borrower loses or damages the item, the requesting library assumes responsibility (and follows local procedures for recovering costs from borrower).

Replacement or compensation

Where appropriate, the supplying library should be contacted to establish their preference for replacement or compensation. Please avoid raising invoices (as far as possible) as there is a cost involved with this.

Overdue items

Please do not charge borrowing libraries for overdue items. Items that are very overdue may be assumed lost.

Other arrangements may apply within individual networks.

10.  Responsibilities to your network and other networks 

Ensure the following are accurate and comprehensive: 

  • your book and journal holdings on your local/regional LMS and/or union catalogue 

  • your journal holdings in the EBSCO Holdings Management link resolver (where appropriate) 

  • your library details on HLISD 

  • your status information where appropriate (e.g. closures/unstaffed periods/special arrangements) 

Maintain statistics for local and national purposes and use them to benchmark activity. 

Page last reviewed: 1 December 2023