Metric aspect: Current Awareness - reach, click throughs

Brighton and Sussex NHS Trust, Ben Skinner.

Metric definition

Proportion of registered LKS members who are registered for KnowledgeShare targeted evidence updates

Why is it important?

Qualitative feedback shows that receiving regular KnowledgeShare evidence updates informs patient care and service decisions, research and education.

KnowledgeShare is an expenditure, which must be shown to be a good use of resources.

LQAF section 5.3a refers to the need for tailored services and 5.3g refers to current awareness services.

Process for compiling the metric

Figures for number of active (non-expired) registered LKS members can be obtained from the library management system. 

KnowledgeShare provides data quarterly showing all members who have signed up for targeted updates (called “FinalReportMembersCurrentAwareness”)

Registered KnowledgeShare members as a proportion of total LKS membership can therefore be determined.

Changes to this proportion can be plotted quarterly.

What does it mean?

The metric indicates whether KnowledgeShare is providing an extensive targeted evidence update function for your service.  The system is designed to allow the creation of tailored updates for large numbers of members with little effort and so one should be aiming for a significant proportion of total users to be signed up.

Desired outcomes

Evidence updates will not be needed by some users – e.g. they may be of less use to undergraduates, estates and facilities staff, etc.  Sign-up should be user-driven. However, increased promotion is likely to increase the number of recipients.

An increasing proportion would be expected over the first five years of implementation, with the increase eventually slowing down and stabilising at around 30%-40%.

Alternatively it would be possible to focus on particular staff groups, e.g. doctors-in-training, for whom one might expect a higher proportion.

Improvement plans

Increase promotion of the targeted evidence updates. Ensure that enquiry desk staff are able to promote the benefits when members join the library.


This could be reported in the LKS Annual Report.

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021