Metric aspect: Current Awareness - reach, click throughs

Brighton and Sussex NHS Trust, Ben Skinner.

Metric definition

Proportion of members registered for KnowledgeShare targeted evidence updates who receive at least one email in three months

Why is it important?

Qualitative feedback shows that receiving regular KnowledgeShare evidence updates informs patient care and service decisions, research and education.

The number of emails received varies for each recipient in relation to their own professional interests and the coverage of content in KnowledgeShare.

KnowledgeShare is an expenditure, which includes a small amount of staff time for categorising members’ interests – this must be shown to be a good use of resources.

LQAF section 5.3a refers to the need for tailored services and 5.3g refers to current awareness services.

Process for compiling the metric

KnowledgeShare provides data quarterly showing all members who have signed up for targeted updates and how many emails each member has received in that time (called “FinalReportMembersCurrentAwareness”)

Using the Excel filter function, filter out those members who have been added to the system fewer than three months ago.  Excel displays how many remain.

Next, filter out those members who have received zero emails. Excel displays how many remain.

Calculate the proportion by dividing the second number by the first; this will be the proportion of members registered for more than three months that have received at least one email.

Changes to this proportion can be plotted quarterly.

NB. One can also calculate the average number of emails that members have received in this time period.  However, this is made less useful by the fact that members can choose the frequency with which they receive emails.

What does it mean?

The metric indicates whether KnowledgeShare is successfully delivering targeted evidence updates to your members.  For those members who do not receive emails it may be because a) their professional interests have been set up too narrowly on the system and should be adjusted or b) there is not sufficient content delivered through KnowledgeShare in their areas of interest (or both).

Desired outcomes

Ideally 100% of members would receive an email once per quarter but there are likely to be those whose interests are extremely niche, with little published evidence, who will receive relatively little content.

Suggested bandings would be:

  • Green = 95%-100%
  • Amber = 85%-94%
  • Red = 0%-84%

Improvement plans

Check individual members who are not receiving many updates.  Have they been categorised correctly? Can their categories be expanded (discuss with them where necessary)?

Consider whether the amount of content in a particular subject area needs to be increased. What sources would improve this coverage? Discuss with suppliers of KnowledgeShare whether your team could offer to add content in this area, or whether there is capacity from another team.


This could be reported in the LKS Annual Report.

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021