Metric aspect: Quality assurance - Measuring service quality

King's College London, Alan Fricker

Metric definition

LQAF compliance percentage

Why is it important?

  • Evidence based service development
  • Support stakeholder targets
  • National data collection and target
  • Recognised by Trusts as part of LDA requirements
  • Broad based picture of quality across multiple service aspects

Process for compiling the metric

  • LQAF Standards Assessment Tool

  • Completion of LQAF SAT provides score

  • May be subject to moderation

What does it mean?

  • Compare performance over time
  • Potential to benchmark against equivalent organisations (level of compliance and means of achieving it)
  • Discussion with stakeholders about areas of importance to them within the wider compliance


  • detail can be lost in focus on headline figure

  • variation in assessment models limits benchmarking

Desired outcomes

  • Useful conversations with stakeholders
  • 90% compliance for LDA requirements

Improvement plans

Relates to each statement


Annual collection by HEE LKS due around September for London Health Libraries. South London wide sharing in early September.  LQAF compliance included in annual report and discussed at Library User Boards

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021