Allow patients and members of the public to visit the library.

Patients may have a reference they wish to follow up by using the library’s print stock.


“I saw an item in the Times quoting some research in the latest issue of the Lancet. Can I have a copy of the article?"


"My GP suggests I look at the book Fast Facts on Diabetes. Do you have a copy? I would like a copy of the chapter on…"

Individual libraries may decide to charge for providing a printing, photocopying or scanning service.


Start a health information section

Books, leaflets, posters and a computer available to search with/without guidance.

Accept referrals

Make your library open to individual referrals from other sector libraries, other services will tell you that this does not result in floods of referrals!

Stock Reading Well Books

Used to be known as Books on Prescription.

Stock the same Reading Well Books as your local public library and incorporate them within the Trust’s wider health and well-being agenda. Promote these to staff for themselves or patients for general borrowing.

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021