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Using ChatGPT as a Knowledge Specialist

Categories: Resource Discovery, Service delivery, Use of technology, Emerging technology
Published date: 09 March 2023
Author(s): Hannah Wood
About the use of ChatGPT in searching

Data and Digital – The Human Bridge

Categories: Resource Discovery, KLS training, Statistics and data
Published date: 22 December 2022
Author(s): Susan Smith and Holly Case-Wyatt
About the core digital skills needed by knowledge and library services staff.

ThirdIron on tour

Categories: Discovery, Electronic resources, LibKey Nomad, Resource Discovery
Published date: 09 November 2022
Author(s): Alan Fricker
Tips and progress with enabling smooth access to journal articles

Regional LMS implementation and expansion projects: capturing the learning

Categories: Library management systems, Resource Discovery
Published date: 13 October 2022
Author(s): Helene Gorring
About the learning so far from the regional LMS projects

Recent additions to National Core Content

Categories: Resource Discovery, Electronic resources
Published date: 07 July 2022
Author(s): Helene Gorring
About new electronic resources recently added to National Core Content