Resources for Library and Knowledge Services staff interested in setting up an institutional repository (IR).

Institutional repositories are now commonplace in the higher education and academic sector.

Over the last few years there has been an increase in NHS Trusts setting up their own institutional repositories for capturing research outputs from publicly funded research, patient information, audits, quality improvement and more – putting knowledge management into action.

The NHS Repositories Community of Practice provides a forum for those with an interest in this area to share learning and collaborate. 

For more information, or if you’d like to be involved, contact Helene Gorring on [email protected].

You can also join in the national discussion on NHS Repositories.  Sign up at

Institutional Repository Toolkit

Resources for library and knowledge services (KLS) staff interested in setting up an institutional repository (IR).

  1. Matrix of IR currently in the NHS available alphabetically and/or by type.
  2. Hints and tips for implementation of an IR and how KLS staff can add value.
  3. Making the case (and things to consider when setting up an IR in your organisation).
  4. Resources: quick links and publicity.
  5. Ideas bank: examples and case studies.
  6. Copyright and intellectual property rights guidance.
  7. Open access guidance (background information).
  8. Survey report: a snapshot of IR in early summer 2017.

Contact the Knowledge for Healthcare team on [email protected] for any of the resources in an accessible format.

Page last reviewed: 22 September 2023