IR Publicity examples

These examples have been included with the kind permission of the owners.

Example of a poster used to launch an Institutional Repository 

Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

An example research repository promotional poster utilising images of staff over some brief text describing the service which, the poster states, launched in 2016. The text: The RD&E Research Repository is an online collection of full-text and bibliographic records of publications produced by RD&E staff. The RD&E Research Repository will help to make your research outputs: visible = increased citations, universally accessible - no login required, discoverable via Google & other search engines, compliant with research funder's Open Access policies. & You can create your own researcher profile page.
Example poster by Royal Devon and Exeter
The poster is promoting the RD&E Research Repository. It shown a chain of arrows to illustrate the research process and explanatory text which points out all of the ways the library can support research. In the planning stage the library can help with literature scoping searches, access to healthcare databases, document supply, study space. In the managing your research project they can help with current awareness services, reference management skills, and survey monkey. In the writing stage the library supports with SPSS/ StatsDirect software, NHS networked PCs and guest WIFI, books on writing for publication, reference management skills, links to instructions for authors. In the publication stage the library can help by adding it to the research repository.
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust example poster

Example of a Strapline used in email: Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Have you ever had a paper accepted for publication? Let us know – and we can catalogue it so that your work can be shared with and accessed by all of the staff at…..

Example of a targeted email: Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

As part of our support for research and innovation, the Health library collates a list of BTHFT staff publications to celebrate the good work being done by staff in the Trust and to demonstrate the volume of knowledge in our organisation.

Staff publications can now be searched online in our library catalogue. Click here to retrieve the list of BTHFT publications that have been recently entered. (opens in a new window)

Have you published a paper or other research?  Get your research noticed!

If you have published anything recently, or presented something at a conference and would like to see it added to the database, you can email details to….

For help getting the full-text to any of these articles please contact …..

Example of an intranet page used to promote an Institutional Repository 

Cheshire and Wirral Partnership

Screenshot of an intranet page for the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership. It shows a homepage, a department a-z list, and a staff zone.
Screenshot of Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Intranet page