ebooks on resilience and wellbeing.

21 e-books on resilience and wellbeing have been selected on the recommendations of KLS colleagues. 

Copies have been purchased from Kortext for each regional collection and are available on their platform and will be soon available on the NHS Knowledge and Library Hub.

And Breathe
Dennis, S.., Hachette, 2016, 9781409168331

Drayton M., Taylor and Francis, 2021, 9781000330076

Change for the Better: Personal Development through Practical Psychotherapy
Sage, 2017, 9781526425744

Developing Mental Toughness
Clough, P., Strycharczyk, D. and Perry, J., Kogan Page, 3rd ed., 2021, 9781398601857

Developing Resilience
Neenan, M., Taylor and Francis, 2nd ed., 2017, 9781351745321

Emotional Resilience
Bharwaney, G., Pearson, 2015, 9781292073699

GP Wellbeing
Staten, A. and Lawson, E., Taylor and Francis, 2017, 9781351658898

Managing Health and Wellbeing in the Public Sector
Cooper, C. L. and Hesketh, I., Taylor and Francis, 2017, 9781317399872

St. John, B. and Haines, A. P., Hachette, 2027, 9780349416281

Mindfulness in the Workplace
Chapman-Clarke, M. A., Kogan Page, 2016, 9780749474911

Organised Wellbeing
Marsh, T. and Ward, L., Taylor and Francis, 2nd ed., 2018, 9780429769368

Resilience at Work
Jackson, K. , Taylor and Francis, 2018, 9781351395304

Resilience in Healthcare Leadership
Belasen, A., Taylor and Francis, 2021, 9781000520651

Self-care for Allied Health Professionals
Battye, A.,  Taylor and Francis, 2021, 9781000450149

Self-leadership and Personal Resilience in Health and Social Care
Holroyd, J., Sage, 2015, 9781473917101

Seven Ways to Build Resilience
Johnstone, C., Hachette, 2021, 9781472141125

Stories of Resilience in Nursing
Traynor, M., Taylor and Francis, 2019, 9781351050258

Supporting Compassionate Healthcare Practice
Ryder, E. and Chambers, C., Taylor and Francis, 2018, 9781351607926

The Compassionate Mind Approach to Difficult Emotions: Using Compassion Focused Therapy
Irons, C., Hachette, 2019, 9781472104564

The Leader's Guide to Resilience
Tang, A., Pearson, 2020,9781292331287

Your Health at Work
Fidderman, .H. and Allen, B., Kogan Page, 2018, 9780749481513

Page last reviewed: 17 June 2022