Buying print and electronic resources for your knowledge and library service

NICE Electronic and Print Content Framework Agreement

NHS and other health and social care related organisations may use this Framework to buy:

  • Electronic and print journals and books
  • Bibliographic and full text databases
  • Aggregated Evidence Resource Summaries

See the provider grid for a list of appointed suppliers of these resources, and the Framework for more information

Why use the Framework? – Save time and effort.  Get value for money.  Make informed purchasing decisions.

BMJ Best Practice in action
Yes, we have bought this electronic resource. Let me show you how to make the most of it

National deals

We have neogiated several deals with suppliers for content:

  • Wiley Medicine and Nursing Collection
  • Mark Allen Collections: MA Healthcare Complete; Internurse; Internurse and Intermid
  • KnowledgeShare

Negotiations focus on these principles:

  • Equity and transparency across the whole of the NHS in England
  • Pricing by relevant workforce numbers rather than bed counts

Contact your regional Resource Discovery lead for more information.

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021