Generic questionnaire

This short questionnaire acts as a standard way of obtaining impact data from customers after they have used a library resource, or a service provided by KLS specialists

To ensure comparability across library and knowledge services we request that you do not change the core questionswhen using the survey locally.   

 Additional questions can be added to the core questions. 

The questionnaire may be used in two ways:

  1. As a general survey which might be sent to all customers / a subgroup of customers regularly.
  2. As a targeted survey of the impact of a specific service (e.g. a literature search or information skills training)

The questionnaire has been kept generic to be applicable to different situations and uses.

If you want specific feedback, send it with a covering e-mail specifying the incident about which feedback is sought.

Copies of the generic questionnaire

we would be interested to know how you used the resulting evidence).

Do not change the core questions when using the survey locally.  This is to ensure comparability across library and knowledge services.

Additional questions may be added for local use.  For example, request name and e-mail address if you plan to follow up with case studies or interview requests.

The questionnaire was developed by the Value and Impact Task and Finish Group and has been piloted in a range of library services.

Further information 

Further guidance on using the tools (pdf)

How the questionnaire was developed

Frequently asked questions (pdf)

The questionnaire was developed by the Value and Impact Task and Finish Group.

 It has been piloted on a range of knowledge and library services and validated in 2020. 

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