Work from home suggestions for staff in bands 2 – 4

These guidelines were devised in May 2020

Procedures and guidelines review

Check through and update the services procedures and guidelines.

Data cleansing on library management systems

Refresh and update library online content

Checking links on your library website to ensure still working that they take the end user to the correct place. Delete or amend as needed.

Start stock take of physical stock 

If the library is closed or far less people are coming into the library this maybe a good time to complete a stock check.

Dealing with old registrations forms

Review electronic and paper registration forms. Delete and shred those no longer needed.

Review documents on library drive

Review files on the shared drives, archive or delete those no longer needed. If it would be useful consider pulling a content page together for library drive

Tidy your computer desktop

Reduce the number of files saved locally on the computer, save to shared drive so team can access as needed

Tidy up your email inbox, delete and archive as needed

Check all your favourites saved on your internet browser, delete and replace links that don’t work

Review the older books in the colletion to see if they have been superseded

You can review against a regional Library Management System if you have one or the book supplier you use. From this you can build a list of physical and e-books to consider buying and a list to consider weeded

Promotional information

Prepare marketing plan: include events, materials, staff groups targeted and how you will measure impact (events could include randomised coffee trials, World Book Night, Health Information Week, Health Literacy Month, Libraries Week, knit and natter etc)

Creating a schedule and database of Tweets

Updating a promotional calendar of health awareness events

Social media

Keeping a presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest depending on what you use

Library blog

Write and publish a weekly article – if possible, link your focus into your marketing plan

Checking that class marks are on the books

Check if these are these correct, perhaps by pulling an error report from your Library Management System

Checking our A-Z list of e-journals/journal entries on library catalogue

Check the list is accurate in terms of availability of journals – is there still access to that title? Is there still access for the date range being checked?

Particularly useful to check this in terms of journal bundles in which titles keep changing. Corrections don’t need to be made but keep a list of what needs doing.

Non-urgent advice: For staff with limited or no internet access: (Please note that supplies, print outs may need to be supplied)

For staff with limited or no internet access: (Please note that supplies, print outs may need to be supplied)

Update physical procedure guides

Background reading - For example, the Quality and Improvement Outcome Framework handbook, back copies of Northern Lights, Knowledge Services Briefings, printed off articles.

Preparing short reviews of some of the Fiction collection - This involves taking a selection of the books home to read & review.

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021