Open Access Community of Practice

About the Open Access Community of Practice, its work on repositories, and how to join.

HEE has the following aims:

  1. To champion and facilitate open access publishing.
  2. To explore and advise on repositories of curated/digitised content.

The community of practice comprises 40 health librarians from the NHS and other health libraries.

Members of the group have expressed a range of reasons for being part of this community of practice:

  • “keen to learn from colleagues on this group”
  • knowing “how others have experienced managing organisational repositories to help inform the development of our digital archive”
  • “a keen interest in grey literature – how to capture and promote unpublished works” and being motivated by addressing how we “could make NHS research more accessible/visible, thus enhancing impact”
Man in library
Image of man in library excited to find the article he needs available as Open Access

The Community of Practice meets virtually and has a dedicated SharePoint and associated e-mail list, which provides members with a collaborative space for joint working.

There is also a sub-group focusing on repositories.

For more information or to become involved, contact: Helene Gorring.

Page last reviewed: 25 November 2021