About the Health Databases Advanced Search and NICE Evidence Search, key components of the evidence search infrastructure.

Healthcare Databases Advanced Search

The Healthcare Databases Advanced Search (HDAS) interface enables NHS Staff to search the literature in one, or across multiple, healthcare bibliographic databases

Built, maintained, and paid for by NICE.  APIs search the bibliographic databases included in the National Core Content Collection.

Use the help if you are unfamilar with the HDAS interface or training if you want to search the databases more effectively .

Problems with the HDAS should be reported to the NICE helpdesk via [email protected] or 0845 003 7744.

When will HDAS be decommissioned?

NICE plans to decommission HDAS at the end of March 2022

What steps is HEE taking to mitigate the loss of HDAS?

 Implementation of thea new National Discovery ServiceNHS Knowledge and Library Hub is underway. It will meet the majority of the search needs of the wider workforce. The Service should be launched by October 2021.

Four networks of library services participated in a pilot to understand how best to help colleagues move to using provider interfaces for database searches. The recommendations include:

  • Training for knowledge and library service staff 

  • Peer support and sharing 

  • Provision for non-librarian searchers 

  • Technical developments 

  • Reference management software 

  • Engagement with database providers 

  • Service desk support 

  • Communications and engagement 

  • Exploring new tools and technologies 

For more information see Move to Provider Databases.

NICE Evidence Search

NICE Evidence Search  bring together evidence on health, drugs and technologies, public health, social care, and healthcare management and commissioning in one place.

NICE maintains an NICE Evidence Services Update Page with information about known problems and fix times.

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Page last reviewed: 30 June 2021