Presentations and webinars Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework

Resources to assist the understanding of the Outcomes Framework and to prepare for the self evaluation process

Introduction to the Outcomes Framework

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Outcome 1

Strategic development of KLS with the aim that staff proactively deliver the priorities of both the organisation and Knowledge for Healthcare

Guest speaker Donald MacKay (listen here)

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Outcome 2

Facilitating the mobilisation of evidence and internally generated knowledge 

Guest speaker Ruth Carlyle

Guest speakers Louise Goswami and Alison Day

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Outcome 3 

Proactive stakeholder and user focused Knowledge and Library Services 

Guest speaker Natalie Parsley

Guest speaker Morag Evans

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Outcome 4 

Are there sufficient KLS staff with the appropriate experience and skill mix to deliver and evolving service ?

Guest speaker David Stewart

Guest speaker Suzanne Wilson

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Outcome 5

Showing that evidence based practice is integral to the planning, design, and delivery of activities

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Outcome 6 

Collecting evidence to demonstrate the impact of KLS

Guest speaker Stephen Ayre

Guest speaker Susan Smith 

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Reflective writing for the Outcomes Framework

Guidance webinar to help you complete the self assessment 

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