Demonstrate the significant contribution of knowledge and library services to achieving the vision of Knowledge for Healthcare

The Evaluation Framework has been developed to measure our achievement through phase 2 of Knowledge for Healthcare. 

It provides a coherent approach to measuring the impact of Knowledge for Healthcare. 

The Framework is based on the premise that it is usually very difficult to provide clear evidence of impact in complex systems such as healthcare.

The approach taken is to identify a series of indicators, which when taken together as a whole, would suggest that progress is being made in a particular area.

The Evaluation Framework defines 6 impact objectives, each offering a clear statement of difference that will be made as Knowledge for Healthcare is successfully implemented.

Image showing the six elements of the evaluation framework.  One petal for each element in a flower arrangement
Knowledge for Healthcare Evaluation Framework

The 6 Evaluation Framework objectives

The Knowledge for Healthcare Evaluation Fraework image above shows six petals surrounding the title in the centre:

The light blue petal at North descibes objective 1:

  • healthcare organisations mobilise evidence and internally generated knowledge to enable evidence-based policy and practice

The green petal at North East describes objective 2:

  • staff, learners, patients and the public are equipped to use evidence-based patient, health and wellbeing information for shared decision making and self-care

The purple petal at South East describes objective 3:

  • NHS-funded knowledge and library services are equitable, efficient and productive

The orange petal at South describes objective 4:

  • the healthcare workforce and learners receive high quality knowledge and library services

The dark pink petal at South West describes objective 4:

  • partnership working is the norm in delivering knowledge to the healthcare system.

The dark blue petal at North West describes objective 4:

  • the knowledge and library services workforce has the capability, confidence and capacity to meet the evolving knowledge and information needs of the healthcare system

This evidence-based Framework is modelled on the Impact Planning Assessment used internationally with the Global Libraries Programme of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Development and design of the framework has been facilitated with the support of Sharon Markless of Kings College London who has written Evaluating the Impact of Your Library with David Streatfield.