Hosting a talent management conversation

A guide for interviewees

Preparing for the discussion 

Make sure have given yourself enough time to get to the venue and you know where you are going. Consider the time of day and parking arrangements. 

Be clear about what you want to talk about. Think about your achievements from the last year and how these are above and beyond expectations. 

Research different development opportunities that are available both in your Trust and across the regional network—remember development is not just about attending training.

Plan enough time for the discussion—if you finish early that’s a bonus!

Development opportunities — some options and opportunities

People have different preferences for learning and how they like to develop themselves.

See 60 Ways to Learn for more ideas and opportunities. 

  • On the job learning, including, work-shadowing, secondments and guided observation 
  • Training courses and classroom-based learning 
  • E-learning packages, podcasts and vodcasts 
  • Group activities and collaborative learning opportunities

Your responsibilities 

Prepare for the discussion, giving yourself enough time to reflect on your own performance and where you would like your career to move 

Find out about the regional and local direction of your service, including business and strategic plans 

Take ownership for your development, plan your key stages and measures of success

Complete any actions and objectives you agree 

Act as a positive role-model

During the meeting 

Discuss your performance and how this has made a positive impact on the library service 

Link your performance to your organisations’ strategic plans and those of the regional library network. 

Highlight the work you have done that exceeds organisation expectations and meets world class performance. 

Tell the reviewer about your career aspirations and where see your career progressing. 

Be clear about what you need from your reviewer or organisation and discuss this in the meeting. 

Discuss what current and future development activity you could access and agree a plan.

Preparation questions

  1. What are your main responsibilities?
  2. What have you achieved since their last review? 
    • What have you done particularly well? 
    • What examples of your work demonstrate this?
  3. What have you enjoyed doing most since your last review?
  4. What have you found difficult and why? 
    • What support do you need? 
    • Were there any barriers to your achievement?
  5. Is there anything you would like to do that you don’t do now?
  6. How does your role help make an impact on patient care?
  7. What feedback have you received from others that demonstrates yourTrust’s / professional body’s values and behaviours?
  8. What plans do you have for your professional development/career/job role?

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021