About the #KNOWvembers in 2022 and 2021.


This virtual month-long event has the theme of “Growing your connections”, all the sessions will take place via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. We have put together a varied programme and there is something of interest for all members of staff taking place throughout the month- from finding out more about Learning Healthcare systems organisations, joining a community of practice and how you can introduce playful principles into any meeting.   

We also know that it is not possible to attend all the events that you would like so we have several offline events that you can take part in – see #KNOWvember 21 for more details  


  • KNOWvember20 Showcase 4: The digital workplace.  Where does this leave knowledge mobilisation – how to encourage spontaneous knowledge sharing when working remotely?  

  • a #ukmedlibs chat and interviews with knowledge specialists within and outside the NHS

  • all recordings and further information can be found on the KNOWvember20 YouTube Channel