During November, knowledge and library specialists showcase the many ways they mobilise evidence and knowledge.

This enables people to learn before, during and after everything they do so that good practice can be replicated and pitfalls are avoided.

It is an opportunity to encourage more people working in the NHS to:

  • apply and use evidence
  • build know-how
  • continue to learn
  • drive innovation to implement successful change
  • transform services and improve the quality of care


This virtual month-long event has the theme of “Growing your connections”, all the sessions will take place via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. We have put together a varied programme and there is something of interest for all members of staff taking place throughout the month- from finding out more about Learning Healthcare systems organisations, joining a community of practice and how you can introduce playful principles into any meeting.   

We also know that it is not possible to attend all the events that you would like so we have several offline events that you can take part in – see #KNOWvember 21 for more details  

Introduction to the Knowledge Mobilisation of using the Self- Assessment Tool  Workshop

Wednesday 3rd November 12.30pm – 1.30pm 

Join us at this interactive session to launch the new online Knowledge Mobilisation Self-Assessment Tool. Come along to find out about the benefits of using the tool within your organisation.  

 Within this session you will hear feedback about the pilot project and how we adapted the tool to ensure adaptability and flexibility. Learn more about the tool and how you can use it to encourage use of evidence and knowledge in your organisations.   

The session is aimed at all staff who want to use the tool to have an engaging conversation about how to make effective use of evidence and knowledge.  

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Reflective writing skills workshop  

Tuesday 9th November 10.00am – 11.00am 

This session will introduce attendees to the concept of reflective practice and look at some models of reflective writing.   

 It is aimed at all Knowledge and Library Staff who would like to learn about how to become a reflective practitioner or would like to refresh their reflective writing skills  

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CILIP Professional Development Awards – Knowledge Café  

Wednesday 10th November 1.00pm – 2.00pm 

Interested in finding out more about the new Knowledge Management Chartership/Fellowship awards available to CILIP members?  

 This workshop will discuss the process, hear from colleagues who have already achieved the award and find out more.  

 We will discuss the differences between the KM award and original award, as well as the benefits to undertaking these awards.  

 This will be in a knowledge café format giving you the opportunity to work in a small group ask questions, share experiences and share ideas as to how you can develop your portfolio.    

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Playful Principles for Productive Meetings 

Tuesday 16th November  09:30 – 12:30 

Wednesday 17th November  09:30 -12:30 

This workshop will introduce you to an innovative framework for designing and running meetings that will enable you to run productive, inventive meetings that make the most of everyone whether remote or in-person. It applies powerful research- and experience-backed principles, building on various disciplines including applied improvisation, LEGO Serious Play, neuroscience and mindfulness to build a positive, exploratory (playful) mindset among participants.   

This workshop will change the way you think about designing and running meetings and set you (or accelerate you) on the path to meetings that are more effective.  There may also be laughter involved.  

Please note this workshop will take place via Zoom 

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Knowledge Mobilisation – Learning Health Systems  

Monday 22nd November 12:00 – 12:45 

Tom Foley will be introducing the topic of Learning Health Systems and outlining a framework for thinking about the full range of sociotechnical challenges associated with realising their potential.   

 Learning Health Systems could be used to bring together various Knowledge Management techniques within organisations to help them utilise staff and technology.   

 Background information can be found here:  

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 Using the Health Education England Knowledge Mobilisation Self-Assessment Tool

Tuesday 23 November 2021, 11:00 – 12:00

The aim of the workshop is to provide training on how to use the new Knowledge Mobilisation Tool.

The target audience are Knowledge and Library Service staff who are interested in Knowledge Management.

By the end of this course participants will:

  • Apply the Knowledge Mobilisation Tool within your organisation
  • Compose/Create an action plan
  • Set up the survey for teams or individuals
  • Select appropriate facilitation methods to use the tool

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Knowledge Mobilisation – Knowledge Exchange 

Wednesday 24th November  1.00-2.30  

This workshop provides the opportunity for all Knowledge and Library staff to come together and share ideas or issues on all Knowledge Mobilisation topics.   

You may be new to Knowledge Mobilisation or be an experienced pro all are welcome. Come along and share what you are working on, what you are struggling with, questions, what went well and what could be even better.   

 The aim is to share experience, get ideas and network with others.   

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Peer Assist - Developing a knowledge mobilisation infrastructure 

Monday 29 November 2021, 12:00 – 13:00

The aim of the workshop is to explore how Knowledge Mobilisation has been used in the armed forces.  Judith Dando will be talking about her experiences of leading a team that developed and introduced a Knowledge Mobilisation system for the army.

The target audience are Knowledge and Library Service staff who are interested in Knowledge Management.

By the end of this course participants will:

  • Recognise different Knowledge management techniques and their application
  • Discuss how Knowledge management can be used to support the organisation
  • Extrapolate strategies which could be used in their organisation

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Randomised Coffee Trial – Meet colleagues, share ideas, expand your network  

Virtual Meetings – throughout November  

Joining this Randomised Coffee Trial will allow you to:    

  • Meet informally with colleagues working across NHS Knowledge and Library Services.   
  • Widen your professional network.    

  • Share knowledge about your role and your service.    

  • Share ideas   

  • Gain a wider understanding of another KLS Service  

 We will randomly match you with a colleague in a different part of the country, so you can begin to get to know your peers better.    

 Once you have been matched, we will send the details of the person you have matched with and you can then make contact and agree on a mutually convenient time to meet.    

 You will meet for approximately 30 minutes for an informal discussion. We have conversation prompts if you would find them useful.     

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  • KNOWvember20 Showcase 4: The digital workplace.  Where does this leave knowledge mobilisation – how to encourage spontaneous knowledge sharing when working remotely?  

  • A #ukmedlibs chat and interviews with knowledge specialists within and outside the NHS.  

  • All recordings and further information can be found on the KNOWvember20 YouTube Channel