Articles and websites

These articles, websites, and books further explain the tools found in the knowledge mobilisation toolkit


The Oxford Review – Can knowledge management really change organisational culture? by David Wilkinson

Bartlett, Jennifer A. Creating a Knowledge Infrastructure: KM in Libraries Library Leadership & Management Vol 30, No 3 (2016)

Corfield, Alison; Paton, Rob Investigating knowledge management: can KM really change organisational culture? Journal of Knowledge Management 20.1 (2016): 88-103.

Non-urgent advice: Books

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Knowledge Mobilisation Framework E-Learning

Knowledge Management Weekly Update – a weekly publication based on the hashtags #KM and #Knowledge Management created via

Knowledge into Action Toolkit – NHS Scotland

Quality Improvement Hub – NHS Scotland

Promotional material

NHS Knowledge Mobilisation Framework E-Learning flyer: How To Search The Literature Effectively, a step by step guide to success E-Learning.

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Storytelling Reading List

Find out more about how to tell and use stories with the following resources:

6 Principles for Communicating Your Story - Fuda, P (2014)

10 Benefits of Communicating Through Story - Fuda, P (2014)

Business Storytelling: Using Stories to Inspire - MindTools (2014)

The art of purposeful storytelling - HBR Blog Network (2011)

The irresistible power of storytelling as a strategic business tool - HBR Blog Network (2014)

Using stories to persuade - HBR Blog Network (2014)

How to tell a great story - HBR Blog Network (2014)

Learning Handbook: Storytelling - NHS Improving Quality (2014)


For more information about Storytelling and their use within organsiations as a way of sharing knowledge and helping learning

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