Some of the top resources for the public regarding COVID-19

Member of library staff in front of bookshelves
Member of the library team finding information for parents on coronavirus.

Information about COVID-19

Health and COVID-19 information - to find COVID-19 information for patients and the public from trusted sources, including information in easy read and other accessible formats.

NHS Coronavirus Hub - NHS information, help and advice on the virus that causes COVID-19.

NHS 111 Online - COVID-19 advice – Find out what to do if you think you have symptoms or if you might have been exposed to the virus while travelling.

WHO Information Network for Epidemics, EPI-WIN - a key component of epidemic and pandemic preparedness is ensuring systems are in place for real-time information to flow from a trusted source to the people at risk.

In the absence of such information rumours can spread rapidly through social media, resulting in an INFODEMIC. EPI-WIN is the WHO Information Network for Epidemics that will provide tailored information to different audiences during a public health event

Myth busting websites

Facts on COVID-19 - provided by Full Fact a UK independent fact checking charity.

The Guardian (2020) Can a face mask protect me from COVID-19? COVID-19 myths busted - article about how you can catch COVID-19, who is most vulnerable and what you can do to avoid infection.

COVID-19: know the facts - a simple online COVID-19 game that offers the facts (from UK government). It’s free-to-play and works on any device through a web browser. It only takes couple of minutes and there is no registration required.

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021