Dates of national meetings for KLS managers in 2023.

Standing woman talks to group of seated people looking at a display screen
Let's network. Now talk to each other!

KLS managers are updated on current NHSE priorities and are able to share comments and opinions with colleagues. 

Meetings are held every 2 months and managers are invited to attend either of the two identical sessions so they can meet with colleagues from across the network to share ideas, good practice and ask questions. 

To assist with creating a safe space for discussion we ask members of the network to read and abide by the meeting etiquette code. 

If a manager is unable to attend either session they are encouraged to send a representative and let the meeting organiser’s know by contacting the Knowledge for Healthcare team on [email protected]

While every effort is made to keep this information up to date, there may be instances where dates and times change.  Please reference your Teams invitations locally.

Page last reviewed: 11 May 2023