Levers for change

A summary of the levers for change which we can all use to promote the difference that your knowledge and library services make to healthcare


Health and Care Bill 2021


Knowledge for Healthcare 2021-26 


NHS Education Contract 2021-24.  Schedule 1: Library and Knowledge Services (Placement Providers) sets out requirements

Digital transformation

What Good Looks Like framework: Success measure 6 - Improve care
Your ICS embeds digital and data within their improvement capability to transform care pathways, reduce unwarranted variation and improve health and wellbeing. Digital solutions enhance services for patients and ensure that they get the right care when they need it and in the right place across the whole ICS. 


Library Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework


Value proposition

The Gift of Time

Professional development

Equitable funding for KLS staff training and development 

Funded innovations 

  • Temporary funding for vanguard Knowledge Specialists in Training Hubs 
  • Local funding for specific purposes including place-based initiatives 


Concordat on digital resources. 

What are we working on right now?

Integrated care systems

Preparing a template ICS business case for local customisation, as helpful. 

CQC assessment 

We continue to liaise ref. new inspection and assessment frameworks. 

Knowledge and library services tariff proposal 

We continue to press for a dedicated tariff, as per the Knowledge for Healthcare strategy, as an element of wider Education funding reforms.  These things take time.