Knowledge for Healthcare Board

The Knowledge for Healthcare Board agrees policy, sets strategy and takes oversight of the development of NHS funded knowledge and library services in England


  •  Ensures the use of evidence from research across the Service
  •  Underpins improvements in patient care and safety and outcomes
  •  Maximises value for money; approving investment decisions
  •  Enables the development of a flexible NHS workforce that is open to innovation

Key members of the board

Patrick Mitchell
Image of Patrick Mitchell, Director of of Innovation, Transformation and Digital, Health Education England
Sue Lacey-Bryant
Image of Sue Lacey-Bryant, National Lead for Knowledge and Library Services


  1. Senior Responsible Officer: Patrick Mitchell
  2. Knowledge for Healthcare Board
  3. HEE's Knowledge and Library Services Leads Group
  • Moblising Evidence and Knowledge
  • Quality and Impact
  • Health Literacy and Patient Information
  • Resource Discovery
  • Workforce Planning and Development
  • HEE Internal Knowledge Management Service

The board is responsible for optimising investment.  The KLS Leads Group is responsible:

  • Building research capability
  • Communications
  • Stakeholder engagement

The groups underpin the transformation of business critical services, and include members from NHS knowledge and library services and partner organisations.

Diagram of governance for Knowledge for Healthcare

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021

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