What users tells us can help us explain the Hub to them

At the end of 2023, a pop-up survey appeared on the Knowledge and Library Hub that made use of the widely adopted Net Promoter Score (NPS)Net tool. The survey was part of our efforts to better understand the user experience of the Hub and gather compelling user feedback to support our work on development and promotion.

The NPS is based on three questions:

  1. How likely are you to recommend the Knowledge and Library Hub to a colleague (1 – 10 with 1 being not at all likely and 10 extremely likely)?
  2. Why did you give that score?
  3. What one thing would make the Knowledge and Library Hub more useful for you?

An initial benchmark position was established by the Lagom research in early 2023. To calculate the score, you take the percentage of responses of 9 or 10 (promoters) and subtract the percentage of responses between 1 and 6 (detractors). The respondents this time split into 51% promoters and 14% detractors giving an NPS of 37.  This is an increase on the initial NPS score of 23 so the direction of travel is positive.

Considering the reasons given for being happy to recommend the Hub can provide tips on messages to seek to include in promotion work.

Key messages from the users are that the Hub is a single comprehensive place to start, is simple to use and is particularly good for journal articles.  Where you have an integrated LMS the Library Catalogue Only Limiter provides a simple flick from the broad to books and ebooks.

Where users are dissatisfied, it tends to be because they want more content to be available immediately so tailoring messaging to reflect the speedy and simple document supply integration can address this perceived shortcoming.

Another area of concern is the difficulty of accessing ebooks.  A new Hub experience for e-book linking for those with an integrated Koha LMS has been developed and launched on the NoW regional LMS.  It will take a little time to roll it out to other Koha regions but the arrival of this enhancement should be linked to a push on ebook usage via this route.

A final thread of feedback touched on the relative complexity of the Hub interface.  The screen can feel cluttered but users also flag that not all the options available are apparent.  The new EDS user interface is under active consideration and will offer a cleaner look.  However the need for active support in introducing the key features of the Hub is apparent and we should consider how this fits into induction and other training offers.

Hub usage is growing steadily and library team input makes the difference on raising user awareness and understanding.  The Hub Community of Practice on NHS Future now has a forum on Promotion and training (you must be a CoP member to access this link) why not share your experiences with others?  What has worked for you?  How do you incorporate the Hub in your training offer?


Alan Fricker

Knowledge and Library Hub Manager

Knowledge and Library Services