Implementing the BMJ Best Practice desktop icon

Published on 18 January 2022, by Lucy Reid

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About how to add the BMJ Best Practice icon to your desktop

Caroline Green from Whittington Health tells us what she did to get the BMJ Best Practice desktop icon rolled out for GPs in North Central London. Her experience will be of interest to anyone trying to roll out either the BMJ Best Practice or NHS Knowledge and Library Hub desktop icon. 

“North Central London comprises five boroughs - Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Haringey and Islington - and their IT is a split estate.

One side covers Camden and all the laptops being used throughout NCL, and the other side covers the desktop PCs in the other 4 boroughs and is outsourced to a company.

I was surprised to receive an invoice for the work for the 4 boroughs partly because I was unsure who would be responsible for paying! After discussion with my manager, we decided it would come out of the HEE payment - it wasn't for very much thankfully.

So be mindful of unforeseen costs! We are likely to experience the same when we ask for the desktop link to the NHS Knowledge and Library Hub which is good to know in advance. 

Because of this payment, there has been a delay in getting the work done because the company has to be approved by our procurements department. It has also been difficult to get hold of the relevant people over Christmas.

The company won't do the work without a purchase order, which we can't get before the company has been approved. So be mindful of unforeseen delays! 

The very helpful person I have been liaising with who works for NCL says the work will take very little time once everything has been approved. We are going to coordinate the installation with an official comms advertising it and use the opportunity to promote our new services. 

I hope it has been useful for someone to hear about our experience so far and fingers crossed for the roll out in the new year! I imagine we'll all have slightly different experiences getting this sorted, some smoother than others!”