Reference management software

For use with results retrieved from the provider databases and other sources

Why do I need reference management software?

One of the recommendations from the "Early Adopter" pilot was that HEE provides reference management software for KLS staff carrying out searches.

Reference management software deduplicates reference lists from multiple sources and helps with formatting search reports.

What have we bought?

HEE has taken out a subscription with ProQuest for all KLS staff to have access to RefWorks.

If you already have access to other reference management tools, you may choose to continue to use them.

Why have we chosen it?

RefWorks was chosen for a number of reasons:​

  • Cloud-based so no problems with local installation​

  • Can be Athens-authenticated so no problems with licence keys

  • Customisable institutional styles – building on the best of HDAS, we have set up a "KLS Evidence Search" style for search reports

  • It's cost effective

How does it work?

Items can be imported directly into RefWorks from some platforms, uploaded as .ris from others and using the browser plugin from webpages.

It may require a bit of change to existing processes. For example, you may want to export citation lists from databases then deduplicate and weed them in RefWorks rather than doing all this within a provider’s interface.

RefWorks Add-ons

Save to RefWorks 

A bookmarklet that you can install in your browser's favorites (bookmarks) bar.

When you are browsing a website that has references that you would like to add to your RefWorks account, select the bookmarklet. RefWorks attempts to save the references and full texts.

Word plugin

Allows you to drop any citation from your RefWorks account into a Word document, fully-formatted in whatever citation style you choose. It also creates and automatically updates a bibliography or works cited page. Using this add-in can help you spend less time on citations and formatting and more on the actual work of writing.

You do not need the Word plugin to format evidence search reports. However, if you use in-line citations in search reports you will find the Word plugin useful.

Using the KLS Evidence Search institutional style

Building on the best of HDAS, we have set up a "KLS Evidence Search" style for search reports.

Once you have imported your search results into RefWorks, go to Create Bibliography and choose KLS Evidence Search from the institutional style list.

When RefWorks has applied the style, copy your formatted citations to the clipboard and paste them into Word.

Requesting RefWorks accounts

KLS staff can access RefWorks using their OpenAthens accounts.  For non-KLS staff see How do I request a RefWorks account for non-library staff? on the HEE Service Desk.


Refworks have a selection of video tutorials on their YouTube page as well as support materials on their Customer Knowledge Center.

Page last reviewed: 23 March 2022