e-books purchased regionally by NHS England.

National e-books

See the list of e-books bought nationally from Oxford University Press and Wiley.

Regional e-books from Kortext

NHS England has funded access to a collection of titles from Kortext for each of the four regions and put in place an arrangement to provide titles to NHS library collaboratives on a credit model.

In addition NHS England has funded these specialist collections for all four regions:

and added free e-books from the Karger Fast Facts series.  

What are the benefits of purchasing books via Kortext?

The credit access model means that titles are available in perpetuity; you will not pay annual subscription fees.

It gives NHS Trusts in England the opportunity to build a wider collection by sharing local purchases for the benefit of all participating libraries.

How does the collaborative model work?

There are four regional e-book collaboratives: North; Midlands and East; London and KSS; South.

Library services may form sub-regional collaboratives to buy additional titles.

Books purchased for each collaborative are available to all NHS OpenAthens Organisations within the collaborative.

Credits are shared across collaboratives.

How do we buy additional titles?

More information about how to obtain pricing and place orders for e-books from Kortext is available on the Service Desk.

If you spot that a newer edition is available for one of the NHSE purchased titles for your region, please contact Helene Gorring so that this can be updated.

Page last reviewed: 2 February 2024