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Oxford University Press handbooks and textbooks

136 eBooks have been purchased from Oxford University Press including the Oxford Handbooks series, the Emergencies in series, Oxford Textbook series and some other titles.

See the full list of eBooks.

eBooks from Kortext

HEE has funded access to a collection of titles from Kortext for each of the four regions and put in place an arrangement to provide titles to NHS library collaboratives on a credit model.

What are the benefits of purchasing books via Kortext?

The credit access model means that titles are available in perpetuity; you will not pay annual subscription fees.

It gives NHS Trusts in England the opportunity to build a wider collection by sharing local purchases for the benefit of all participating libraries.

How does the collaborative model work?

There are four regional ebook collaboratives: North; Midlands and East; London and KSS; South.

Library services may form sub-regional collaboratives to buy additional titles.

Books purchased for each collaborative are available to all NHS OpenAthens Organisations within the collaborative.

Credits are shared across collaboratives.

How do we buy additional titles?

An NHS Portal is available where you can check pricing and place orders https://nhs.keylinks.org/#/ .  Contact [email protected] to be set up.

If you spot that a newer edition is available for one of the HEE purchased titles for your region, please contact Helene Gorring so that this can be updated

How do loans and credits work?

Books are purchased with perpetual access with 300 credit limit per year

Kortext will let you know if any items are not available on the credit access model

Credits are reset each year on the anniversary of purchase.  Credits do not roll over

A loan lasts for 7 days.  This uses one credit

A credit is triggered after 5 minutes view time, by downloading it to the app, or by printing content

After 7 days the book expires and is removed from your bookshelf

There is no limit to the number of books you may add  to your bookshelf

There is no limit on the number of simultaneous users that can view or download a book

There may be some titles that are not available in perpetuity or via the credit model; purchasing consortia will need to decide whether to buy these titles

How will I know if a title is already purchased or is being considered for purchase by another member of the consortium?

Check for titles already purchased by searching for it in the collections tab

When the NHS Store is live, you will be able to see what’s being considered for purchase by other library services

For the moment, this will be done manually by Kortext and you will be alerted if this is the case

How do I login to Kortext?

When you access the Kortext login, type or select the name of your Trust and sign-in with your OpenAthens username and password.

Do you have to create a Kortext account?

Yes, if you wish to use the Kortext app.  Access app.kortext.com/login on your desktop.

Type or select the name of your Trust from Sign in to browse your institution library

Click the purple arrow and sign-in with your OpenAthens username and password

At the Kortext discovery page, select the three dots in the menu and Sign out

At the login screen, your OA email address will display in the username box.  Click Forgotten password.

Set your password

When using the Kortext app, use your OA email address and this password to log in

What statistics of usage can we get? By OpenAthens organisation?

COUNTER 5 reports are available by organisation

These may be downloaded via the NHS Store when it is live.  In the meantime,  contact  [email protected].

Can IP address be set up for Kortext?

This is not possible

Are sub-collections available or can they be set up?

This is not possible

Can users recommend books for purchase?

Yes, they may recommend books in the Kortext Store

Users will need to add them to a wish list and email them to your service

Users may access the store from their bookshelf using the Store menu option

Are all of the titles in epub format?

No; some will be PDFs.  The format is publisher dependent.

Do you need additional software to download books offline?

Yes, you will need to download the Kortext app. It is available for all platforms

Can Kortext support other languages?

Kortext is currently developing a translation tool which will translate in real time

Where is the publication date of the book displayed?

Inside the book on the reverse of the title page

How do personal notes work?

These are linked to your OpenAthens account and are not lost after the 7 day download period has ended.

Can the tutorials be downloaded outside of the system? for promotional material?

No.  Refer users to kortext.com/support-and-accessibility

Use their help sheet, or take screenshots of the platform to use in your own help sheets

What will the user see if all credits have been used up on a book?

‘Not available’.  However, administrators will be alerted ahead of time when credits are running low

Page last reviewed: 15 June 2021