Development needs analysis

About the continuing professional development (CPD) needs of knowledge and library services staff

The NHS KLS development needs audit is run every two years.  It last ran in late 2019. 656 colleagues took part

Non-urgent advice: Information

The top ten continuing professional development (CPD) can be found in the full report.

Contact [email protected] for the report in an accessible format.

The top 10 CPD needs by band:

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I want to develop and my needs are...


  1. Emerging technologies
  2. Literature searching / information retrieval 
  3. Demonstrating value and impact
  4. Marketing and promoting services
  5. Critical appraisal 
  6. Synthesizing and summarising evidence
  7. Quality improvement 
  8. Teaching and training skills (generic)
  9. Social media and collaborative tools
  10. Healthcare database searching / HDAS

Bands 2-4

  1. Literature searching / information retrieval
  2. Healthcare database searching / HDAS
  3. Marketing and promoting services
  4. Social media and collaborative tools
  5. Emerging technologies
  6. ICT skills
  7. Teaching and training skills (generic)
  8. Classification and cataloguing (including taxonomies and ontologies)
  9. Demonstrating value and impact
  10. Document delivery and interlibrary loans 

Band 5

  1. Emerging technologies
  2. Critical appraisal
  3. Literature searching / information retrieval 
  4. Demonstrating value and impact
  5. Synthesizing and summarising evidence 
  6. Teaching and training skills (generic)
  7. Knowledge sharing and collaboration
  8. Marketing and promoting services
  9. Systematic reviews- supporting users to undertake
  10. Leadership skills

Band 6

  1. Demonstrating value and impact
  2. Emerging technologies
  3. Management skills
  4. Synthesizing and summarising evidence
  5. Systematic reviews - supporting users to undertake
  6. Critical appraisal
  7. Literature searching / information retrieval
  8. Quality improvement 
  9. User experience research
  10. Business and financial management

Band 7+

  1. Emerging technologies 
  2. Quality improvement
  3. Demonstating value and impact
  4. Advocacy
  5. Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  6. Costing and pricing library services
  7. Stakeholder engagement 
  8. Change management 
  9. Strategic planning
  10. Knowledge sharing and collaboration

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